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About RA3.14

RA3.14 is a new player on the architecture market, offering a large variety of architecture and interior design services. Our approach is meant to facilitate the solving of our clients’ needs at a high quality level. We are the answer to a need for architecture and interior design services that have an accent on the human element and we wish to offer our customers an excellent experience, from idea to final product. We count on efficiency in communication and client satisfaction. The services we offer are personalized for each customer and we are very open to new challenges. No matter the scale of the project, RA3.14 guarantees a high-level of professionalism and creativity.

Our services:

• Residential interior design, three stages:

1. Simple renovation – involves the reorganisation of the furniture, possible improvement proposals, decorating and possibly the replacement of flooring, woodwork and wall finishes.

2. Complex renovation – involves the replacement of woodwork, flooring, wall and ceiling finishes as well as creating a balanced and practical ambiance through the choice of furniture and decoration. The renovation also includes the study of artificial light.

3. Remodelling – it involves partial or total reorganisation of non-structural subdivision or the proposal of open space compartment (for example a loft). After subdivision, the space is renovated according to point no.2.

*Residential project necessitate a minium level of contact between customer and architect, online communication being the main instrument in the process. Upon client request, an on-site visit can be arranged.

• Interior design for public/private institutions – the same three options listed above: light renovation, renovation and remodelling.

*Having a wide range of possibilities and various levels of complexity, the project is developed in close contact with the customer and requires on-site visits.

• Remodelling of existing facades – according to customer needs:

1. Surface remodelling – plaster/exterior finish replacement, thermal optimization proposal, woodwork and balustrade replacement.

2. Geometry remodelling – adding volumes, filling or relocating voids, adding decorative elements and sunshades to the structure, as well as the interventions mentioned in point no.1.

• Architectural design

1. Architectural survey – Carrying out a detailed project that includes the present state of a building in sight for restoration/demolition.

2. Architecture project – involves the concept, design, procurement of the building permits and supervising development.

3. Detailed Urban Planning

* Having a wide range of possibilities and various levels of complexity, the project is developed in close contact with the customer and requires on-site visits.


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